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It has been a while and honestly, I forgot this magnificent event occurs every few months, but now it has been almost a year we had to wait for a new series of promo codes, 775 to be exact, all given out during this month, October 2020,

I am telling you about the Elite Tigers Group bi-yearly promo codes-event: the 25 sites of this group will validate the given promo code for that day. So, each day, 1 promo code you can validate on each site of the Elite Tigers Group.

Halloween Promo Codes

The 25 sites are a nice mix of advertising sites, downline builders, list builders, investment programs, a bit of everything, with a unique selling point for every website, it is surely not a series of same shit 25 times, but a tour of what is possible to set up to make some profit in this business!

When participating (for free of course), you assure yourself of a huge bunch of free advertising to a targeted membership base, as my mailings send out to a site of the Elite Tigers Group, result each and every time in an open rate of more than 5 %! Which is pretty high for this kind of websites!

A real no-brainer, get your membership in the for you most interesting websites, or even better, get your membership (again free) in each and every one of the 25 sites, you won’t regret, I’ll tell you: a lot of my referrals in the sites I promote, come from one of the websites of the Elite Tigers Group!

But hey, it’s getting even better, go click the link hereunder, and get my hardly known secret, my ultimate tip at this moment, it’s making it possible to achieve VIP-founder-membership for free in every one of the 25 websites!

Wombat Profits Special Version (FREE)

Wombat Wealth VIP (shortcut)

If that is not amazing?! I do not believe you’ll find a better offer between your other emails, so do yourself a favour, and stop wasting time, the one thing you should do right now is aiming for the VIP-founder statue (the highest level!) in all those sites. Don’t hesitate, you don’t have to promote as hell, you don’t have to buy expensive stuff in order to obtain this wanted ‘GOD-level’. I am talking here of a 5-minute solution which does not ask any hard efforts from your side, go see for yourself!

You can thank me later 😉

Kind regards,

Stijn Desmet

admin of MyDownlineNetwork.com

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The Cryptofaucet: 100% approved and paying!

Dear visitor,

The Cryptofaucet is on my beliefs the best crypto faucet online. I’ll give you some reasons why this is so.

Daily faucet claim of DOGE, TRX, LTC, DGB, BEAN, STEEM, XVG, BCN or SC. Easy to use, low withdrawal limits.
Extra earning opportunities via offer wall, surveys, watching videos, inviting friends and TYPE TO EARN!
The latter one my favourite, making me every day about 0.50 to 1 TRX, the coin which I am claiming now, for typing a couple of 10x business cards.
Which adds up pretty fast!

One of the faucets I try to use every day because it earns well in comparison with the effort being asked from the user.
Claiming is only possible once a day, so no stress here in claiming as much as possible.
Furthermore, no annoying captcha’s nor time-consuming short links at all, therefore, I really like to advise to use at least this faucet to get yourself some free cryptocurrencies!

So, go ahead, click the following link or the banner underneath, subscribe and try this one out, you’ll be glad you did!

–> http://bit.ly/31vlJEQ

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Inbox2Cash: Get paid for reading e-mails

Dear reader

If you’ve been looking for a completely new way to create passive income using the internet….you need to pay attention
and check this out!

Go HERE >>> Inbox2Cash

You’ll soon see what I mean…it’s a brand new opportunity that will pay you to read your email! You just spend a few minutes each day
reading your email and you get paid!

It’s truly one of the most amazing programs that I’ve seen just yet!

GO NOW >>> Inbox2Cash

Have good earnings in this new year,

Stijn Desmet

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Get unlimited hits to your links

Get unlimited hits to your links

Super, high quality traffic exchange that pays 0,30 dollarcents per 1000 siteviews!

Free rotator, user friendly site layout, really, a TOP Traffic Exchange everyone should join!

Kindest regards,

Stijn Desmet

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